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Searching here on my site is easy…and a great place to start!

I invite you to begin your search here and encourage you to use whatever methods you find useful. Whether or not you have found properties that interest you here on my site, or someplace else, I welcome the opportunity to assist you with straightforward and intelligent feedback to better inform your options and add insights from my experience.

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Searching for properties online

This is an exciting way to dream, discover and research what is real. In the world of real estate there are a myriad of choices and options available for exploring real estate opportunities. The speed and ease of searching for properties online is easy and fun. Some playfully call it “real estate porn” — as much entertainment as it is a method for seriously looking for a place to buy — or a way to gauge a property’s value prior to selling.

The property search journey

The Internet is unquestionably the primary driving force — from searching for a dream home or place for escapes — to finding the right value match. The reality is that everyone uses the Web and multiple resources to explore what they’re looking for. In fact, there is no one online resource that delivers every available property for sale on the market. Like you, people use more than one website to search — from, and — to local and regional brokerage sites like Pacific Union Realtors. You can also search here on my site.

Like other professional agents, I use a sophisticated connection through our regional MLS (Multiple Listing Service) that delivers a vast majority of the properties for sale. Regardless of how you choose to search, interpreting the results is where I can help. There are differences in the way each search “engine” works and information is displayed. There are also significant differences in the relevance of results (many display paid broker and/or agent listings in the most prominent positions, making it challenging to see what may be a better match to your actual search). Some sites are not kept current (sold properties appear for sale), or the information is distorted or dated. And, there are listings that are not visible in MLS or national/broker search results. They are private or pocket listings that local agents are aware of. This is another great reason to seek advice and guidance.

It’s not just people looking for a home to purchase that find searching for and exploring current properties available and their potential value that access online search engines. Whether it’s researching the value of properties in a neighborhood or city you’ve contemplated moving to, or using online tools to assess what the value of your home may be in the market today — using the Internet is an amazing and exciting way to gain knowledge and perspective.